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ZANLURE Zinc Alloy Fishing Hooks Decoupling Remover Carp Fishing Tool Decoupling Device

  • $9.74

Item: Fishing Decoupling Device
Material: Zinc Alloy
Internal Dimensions: 3*7cm
Nylon Wire: 9.5m
Buckle: 2cm

Great for fishing hooks decoupling.
Delicate structure, beautiful shape.
Easy to use and portable to carry.

How to use:
1. Put the decoupling tip down through the fishing rod, and along the line down slowly down to the bottom.
If hang to the stone, the decoupling device press the fishing hooks, then decoupling.
2. If hang tree roots, to pull the control line and rod left and right, so that sub-line caught in the broken seam,
and then pull back the control line, stuck "8" ring. Then pull the control line,
you can pull off the sub-line, recover the fishing rods float.
3. After pull off the line, to recover the decoupling device rapidly, so as not to be stuck.
If it is stuck, you can remove the end of the control line ring, hanging in the fishing line "8" ring,
through the control line slide to the bottom, pick the decoupling device.
4. Final,wrapthe control line around the hook device.

1 PC X Fishing Decoupling Device
1 PC X Ring (Buckle)
1 PC X Nylon Wire

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