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YIJIE Retractable Window Squeegee Portable Car Glass Cleaner 300mm Scrapers Bathroom Cleaning Kit from

  • $27.24

Brand: YIJIE
Material: PP, TPR, Aluminum
Scraper Width: 300mm
Pole + Scraper Length: 137cm
Net Weight: 335g
Flexible TPR Soft Strip
- The window scraper adopts 300mm wide-side TPR soft rubber scraper, which has good wear resistance and smooth surface. Even if it is scratched, it does not have to worry about scratching the clean surface.
Seamless Fit
- Decontamination and scraping without leaving marks.
Removable Scraper
- The window scraper can be used by hand to clean the low-rise glass plane such as the low surface of the window or the glass coffee table. The hand-held handle is made of new high-quality PP material, which has an ergonomic curve design, comfortable grip and not easy to slip.
Lengthened Aluminum Tube
- Lightweight metal aluminum, thick and durable, lightweight, easy to clean and ensure that your hand won't get tired from supporting it as you clean.
The Soft, Ergonomic Handle
- Even when the handle is wet, the squeegee will not slip out of your hand.
Hanging Hole Design
- Saving more place for your home.
Multifunctional Scenes Can be Used
- Glass window, bathroom mirror, car window, marble floor tiles, smooth surface.
Package Included:
1 x Scraper
1 x Aluminum Extension Rod

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