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Wooden Small Bird Parrot Breeding Nest Box Nesting Budgie House Cage Home

  • $36.19

Material:Wood, PVC
Wooden hanging house bird feeder.
Strong, sturdy and hard wearing.
Eye-catching and attractive.
Bird house for hanging and standing.
A small great wooden birdhouse with plexiglass panes.
In winter, the birds find food and it is a great eye-catcher in your garden.

How to place
1.It is most effective to place it after snowing.Choose grass and green bushes from above, stand up to about 1 meter, and can also be fixed on the trunk.
2, try to choose the edge of the woods, do not place deep in the woods, do not place them densely, one about 30 meters
3.It should be noted that the birds may be vigilant at first and do not dare to come and eat. Avoid disturbing them
4.It is recommended to replenish the food once a week or so. In case of heavy snow, you should promptly clean up the snow covering the food in the trough.

Package Includes:
1 x Bird feeder

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