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Wireless Electric Pump Automatic Water Suction Device USB Charging

  • $35.33

Rated power :5 (W)
Rated frequency :50 (HZ)
Rated voltage :5 (V)
Charge 3-4 hours, can pump water 8-10 barrels.
Applicable bucket: barrel bucket, threaded PC bucket.
Suitable capacity: 5L/7.5L/11.3L/15L/18.9L

- Wireless electric pump for outdoor use
- Easy to carry, android charging interface, distribution charging line
- The food grade silicone water pipe can be removed (the water pipe can be replaced for a long time, and it is more sanitary and healthy)
- Screw silicone sealing sleeve design can avoid leakage.
- Support USB charging
- One button switch, easy to operate
- One key quantitative pumping 600ml
- 304 stainless steel outlet pipe, effectively prevent rust, no smell
- Good gloss and abrasion resistance
- ABS material heat resistance/impact resistance
- Professional noise reduction,give you a quiet drinking water environment
- Easy to install

Package included:
1 x Wireless Automatic Electric Suction Device
1 x USB Cable
1 x Water pipe
1 x Outlet pipe

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