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Windows Tint Film UV-proof Privacy Protection Heat Insulation Glass Films

  • $30.21

-Provides excellent privacy during the daytime.
-Reduce glare, sun block effect. UV-proof window glass Movies film / insulation film.
-It will also offer some protection from shattering glass.
-Creates a mirror-like reflection while reflecting harmful UV-rays which causes heat cooling your home/office.
-It is easy to cut and trim using a scissors.
-Easy DIY installation with self-adhesive glue backing. Just water and squeegee needed.
-Reflective effect to create mirror images while reducing the cost of air conditioning in summer thanks to effective heat dissipation.
-Anti UV: protection from UV rays reduces the discoloration of floors, furniture, portraits, curtains, etc.
-Perfect features: absorbs the effects of burglary attempts, minimizes damage, keeps broken glass together.

Black/tawny/silver/grey silver/dark blue/light blue/green/gold
PET film

Package list:

Roll of Windows Tint Film

1.The sunscreen can only reduce the incident light, play a role in sunscreen, and can not fully cover the light.
2.There are different privacy implications between day and night. The window film offers only during the day a lot of privacy and the outer glass shows a mirror effect. When the outside light weakens, the mirror effect of the outside glass gradually disappears and the outside area can look inward. When the interior light is stronger than the outside light, the mirror effect is reversed. NOTICE - Remember to pull the curtain during the night.

1. Keep the window or glass clean.
2. Spray water on the window or glass. (Soapy water will be better).
3. Measure the glass surface and cut the film 2.5 cm larger than the desired size.
4. Peel off the carrier film before applying the film to the glass.
5. Remove any air bubbles or imperfections with a spatula or paper.
6. Cut off the additional film.
7. Clean and dry the mirror film with a soft cloth without leaving any marks.

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