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Water Purifier Faucet Filter Washable Home Kitchen Tap Bacteria Removal Replacement Filter

  • $17.71

This water purifier adopts the porous micro-caliber core production technology, which is made from Tianneng diatomaceous earth and fired at high temperature. It can effectively remove the residual chlorine and harmful dissolved heavy metal ions of bacteria and algae in the water. Provides safe and healthy drinking water, such as rice, tea, etc. It can also provide clean and hygienic water for your face and teeth.
Material: ABS plastic case, ceramic + KDF + dechlorination ball + alkaline ball.
Material: Plastic
Filtration Accuracy: 2-40nm
Water Purification Speed: ≥2.0L/min
Total Water Quantity: 1200L
Switcher: Raw water / water level switch
Applicable Filter: carbon fiber filter
Applicable Water Pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa
Color:White, Transparent
Applicable Faucet: outlet diameter 15-24mm, length ≥5mm faucet
- High-tech ceramics with KDF, dechlorination, and alkaline ball composite filters.
- Can be used repeatedly.
- Economical, the filter can be replaced and used continuously.
- No secondary pollution, large amount of water.
- Small size, easy to install, and easy to carry around.
- Made of high quality plastic material,not easy aging and very durable.
- High quality filter,removes rusts,sediments,worms,colloids,sediment and most bacteria.
- High speed water flow,2L/min hight speed flow rate gives you plenty of clean water instantly.
- Switchable water flow type,two water flow types:unfiltered spray or filtered spray.
- Quickfit tap adapter,easy installation on almost any type of tap with screw thread.
- Quickfit catridge,quick,easy and secure filter cartridge replacement.
How To Clean and Replace The Filter Element?
When the water purifier is used for a period of time (generally 1-2 weeks), the water output will become smaller. When it is small enough to affect normal use, please unscrewed the filter element from the water purifier housing and cleaned with sandpaper or scouring pad. When brushing until a new surface is exposed.
When the filter element is continuously brushed and thinned, after thinning to a certain extent, please replace the filter element in time. At this point, there are two simple criteria to help you decide:
A. Visual observation, the filter element is very thin, and the diameter is reduced to about 1/2 of the original filter element.
B. After a long period of use, the normal use exceeds the normal cleaning cycle, and the water output does not become small.
Package Included:
1 Pcs x Water Filter

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