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Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head Set for For Dyson V7 V8 V10 Storage Rack Cleaning Brush

  • $18.25

These vacuum cleaner brushes are designed to cleancurtains, shutters, lampshades,walls, furniture, appliances and so on.

Name:Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head Set
Fit: For Dyson V7 V8 V10
Size :
Soft brush: 16*4.5*3.2 cm approx
Bed brush:19*11*3.2 cm approx
Two-in-one brush:20*8*3.2 cm approx
Stain brush:12*9*3.2 cm approx
Slit brush:25*3.5*3.2 cm approx
Base:31*7*5 cm approx

1. High quality replacement for Dysen tool set.
2. Main cleaning curtains, shutters, lampshades,walls, furniture, appliances and so on.
3. Durable in use.
4. Easy to use.

Package Included:

According To Your Choose
1x Soft brush or
1xBed brush or
1xTwo-in-one brush or
1xStain brush or
1xSlit brush or
1xBase or
1xThree-piece suit or
1x Four-piece set or
1x Five-piece suit or
1x Base suit or
1x Hose set

More Details:

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