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Vacuum Bag Food Sealer Rolls Saver Bag Seal Storage Fresh-Keeping Cooked Food

  • $26.47

Material:Brand new pure nylon and PE co-extruded materials
#1 - 25cm*1500cm,
#2 - 30cm*1500cm

-The textured vacuum bag is a professional vacuum fresh-keeping bag with embossing on one side and smooth on the other side. It is suitable for all automatic vacuum fresh-keeping machines for domestic and foreign vacuum chamber principle.
-A roll of 15 meters long bag, the length is freely cut according to the actual needs of each time, it is necessary to seal the upper and lower two openings, suitable for packaging food of different sizes.
-The single-sided texture forms many micro-channels, so that there is no dead angle in vacuuming.
-It is a 7-layer co-extrusion with no glue compound.
-The texture bag is not printed and will not be contaminated by ink and chemical solvents. Still hygienic!
-Vacuum preservative bags are great for food preservation. The advantage of vacuum packaging is that the vacuum device is used to evacuate the bag, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. The food preservation period in the bag can be extended 3-5 times, and the nutrients of the food are locked .

Package Included:
1 roll of Vacuum Packing Bag

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