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Universal 2 Way Hose Faucet Manifold Water Segregator for 3/4 1/2" Garden Tap Splitter Water Pipe Divider Hose Quick Connector Nozzle Shut Off Control EU/US Standard"

  • $16.62

With 1/2" / 3/4" connector, easy to attach quickly to standard tap, hose connection, water timer or etc.

Material: ABS+TPR+ Aluminum Alloy
Type: EU Standard / US Standard
Fits: for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch water tap
Inlet diameter: 3/4 inch
1. 2 WAY CONNECTOR: Garden hose splitter has 2 way connectors and 2 valves. Each way connectors can regulate or shut off the water flow, depending on the needs.
2. NO MORE LEAKS: Can be easily connected to your irrigation system. High quality durable rubber and aluminum cap is more durable than other plastics, does not rust.
3. COMFORTABLE & BEAUTIFUL: 2019 new design, the soft 2 color rubber coating main body of the hose shunt make comfortable touch, more resistant to freezing than ordinary materials.
4. EASY FOR INSTALLATION: Only rotating the connector when hose splitter connects with your spigot. No tool needed.
5. PRACTICAL: Widely used in watering flowerbeds, lawns, vegetable and herb.
6. Made of high quality aluminum alloy and plastic, heat&cold resistant and anti-rust.
7. Long and smooth thread will make leaks a long forgotten experience.
8. Easy to operate without tools, easy installation.Screw the connector into your faucet, connect your hoses, then turn on or off the tap with ease.

4 Way Connector, please refer to ID: 1518120
Product included:
1 × Hose Splitter
3 × Washer
1 × Plastic adapter

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