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Traceless UV Light Cure Adhesive Ultraviolet Ray Curing PVC ABS Acrylic DIY Repair Glue 10mL

  • $10.77

Capacity: 10mL
- Genernal purpose, impact resistance, strong bonding performance, high transparency
- UV Lihgt Curing. Also can be cured in the sun, but need 1h to reach the best bonding result.
- Traceless! Never worry about leaving marks on the surface.
- Fits for bonding PMMA, PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Ceramic, Glass, etc.
1. Clean the surface, remove moisture, dirt and oil.
2. Apply some glue, and lightly press the sticking-joint, clean up the spilled glue. (Each time no more than 1.5mm thickness)
3. Use UV light to irradiate the glue. (Make sure the glue can be irradiate without shielding)
4. Wait until it totally hardens. (Bonding time is affected by the irradiate distance.)
1. Clean and dry the bonding surface without moisture.
2. Please make sure the glue can be exposured with uv light or it couldn't be cured.
1. Store in dry ventilated area.
2. If drops into the eye carelessly, immediately wash with a large amount of water, and get medical treatment.
Package Included:
1 x 10mL UV Light Curing Glue
1 x UV Light Bulb (Not Including Batteries)

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