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Tab Gravity Sensor Luminous Fishing Drift Fishing Float Electronic Fishing Bait Fishing Lures Fishing Tools

  • $11.07

Name Luminous Float
Brand Tab
Material Nanometermaterials
Recommended length of fishing rod
Recommended depth of water
Type Length(cm) Weight(g)
Eat lead(g)
1# 39.5 1.64 2.7
2# 39.5 1.90 2.6
3# 41.5 1.67 3.3
4# 41.0 1.88 2.4
5# 35.5 1.53 1.6

Nanometer material fish drift.
Gravity induction drift tail, intelligent induction, left and right swing does not change color, up and down swing will change color.
LED Energy saving lamp, high brightness, long life, standard battery compartment aperture.
Intelligent chip control, good stability, signal induction preparation, more effective fishing.
Battery compartment double - layer sealed waterproof ring, effectively avoid water seepage.
The floating tail is flexible and 360° flexible, and can be lifted quickly to prevent the top from exploding.
Lotus leaf imitation coating, low water resistance, no draft.
Strong, durable, strong bearing capacity.

Package Included:
1xLuminous Float

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