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Suleve MXSH4 515Pcs M3/M4/M5 Stainless Steel Hex Socket Button Round Head Cap Screw Assortment Set

  • $34.69

Model: MXSH4
Mateiral: 304 Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Screw Drive Type: Hex Socket
Screw Head Type: Button Head (Round Head)
- Sliver color appearance, shines with metal luster, will fit well in different occasions.
- The length of button head screw is measured from underneath the head to the flat of the point.
- Made of 304 stainless steel, ensure its high hardness and corrosion resistance, anti-rust and durable.
- Widely used for industry, equipment, quadcopter, DIY crafts, home repairing and so on.
Package Included:
Type Length Quantity
M3 Screws 8mm 30Pcs
M3 Screws 12mm 30Pcs
M3 Screws 16mm 30Pcs
M3 Screws 20mm 30Pcs
M3 Nuts / 125Pcs
M4Screws 8mm 20Pcs
M4 Screws 12mm 20Pcs
M4 Screws 16mm 20Pcs
M4 Screws 20mm 20Pcs
M4 Nuts / 85Pcs
M5Screws 8mm 15Pcs
M5Screws 12mm 15Pcs
M5Screws 16mm 10Pcs
M5Screws 20mm 10Pcs
M5Nuts / 55Pcs
Total / 515Pcs

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