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Suleve MXNH1 M2 M3 Nylon Screw Black Hex Screw Nut Nylon PCB Standoff Assortment Kit 600Pcs

  • $16.41

Brand Suleve
Model MXNH1
Item Standoff, Screw & NutSet
Material Nylon
Color Black
Box Size 12.9x6.7x2cm

- Type specification complete, the quality is reliable.
- Never rust, beautiful,practical, durable and convenient for using.
- Packed in a plastic box, good for storage and difficult to damage.
- Nylon has the characteristics of insulativity,Non-Magnetic,thermal insulation,corrosion resistance and etc.
- As electronics components, fit for the industries of communication, electroplating, labdevice, office equipment, electronics.
Package Included:
300 x M2SpacerStandoff
300 x M3SpacerStandoff

M2 :
Item Length Quantity
M2 Female Spacer 6mm 20
M2 Female Spacer 8mm 20
M2 Female Spacer 10mm 20
M2 Female Spacer 12mm 10
M2 MaleSpacer 6mm+6mm 20
M2 MaleSpacer 8mm+6mm 20
M2 MaleSpacer 10mm+6mm 20
M2 Male Spacer 12mm+6mm 10
M2 Screws 6mm 80
M2 Nuts - 80
Total Quantity: 300

M3 :
Item Length Quantity
M3 Female Spacer 6mm 20
M3 Female Spacer 8mm 20
M3Female Spacer 10mm 20
M3 Female Spacer 12mm 10
M3 Male Spacer 6mm+6mm 20
M3Male Spacer 8mm+6mm 20
M3 Male Spacer 10mm+6mm 20
M3 Male Spacer 12mm+6mm 10
M3 Screws 6mm 80
M3 Nuts - 80
Total Quantity: 300

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