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Suleve MXBH1 360Pcs M2/M3/M4 Male-Female Female-Female Knurled Brass Round Thread Hex Column Standoff Support Spacer Pillar for PCB Board

  • $34.59

Brand: Suleve
Module: MXBH1
Material: Brass
Thread Diameter: M2/M3/M4
Quantity: 360Pcs(Comes with two different boxes, 180Pcs/Set in one box)

1. M2/M3/M4 hex brass standoffs assortments.
2. Made of high quality brass, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, durable to use.
3. Usage: Threaded hexagonal column standoff support, easy to install for segregating board.
4. Applications: Suitable for PCB, motherboard, DIY electronics projects, etc.

Package Included:
Item Length Quantity
M2 Female-Female Standoff 5mm 10
M2 Female-Female Standoff 10mm 10
M2 Female-Female Standoff 15mm 10
M2 Female-Female Standoff 20mm 10
M3 Female-Female Standoff 5mm 10
M3 Female-Female Standoff 10mm 10
M3 Female-Female Standoff 15mm 10
M3 Female-Female Standoff 20mm 10
M4 Female-Female Standoff 5mm 10
M4 Female-Female Standoff 10mm 10
M4 Female-Female Standoff 15mm 10
M4 Female-Female Standoff 20mm 10
M2 Knurled Male-Female Standoff 5mm+3mm 10
M2 Knurled Male-Female Standoff 10mm+3mm 10
M2 Knurled Male-Female Standoff 15mm+3mm 10
M2 Knurled Male-Female Standoff 20mm+3mm 10
M3 Male-Female Standoff 5mm+6mm 10
M3 Male-Female Standoff 10mm+6mm 10
M3 Male-Female Standoff 15mm+6mm 10
M3 Male-Female Standoff 20mm+6mm 10
M4 Male-Female Standoff 5mm+6mm 10
M4 Male-Female Standoff 10mm+6mm 10
M4 Male-Female Standoff 15mm+6mm 10
M4 Male-Female Standoff 20mm+6mm 10
M2 Screw 4mm 20
M3 Screw 6mm 20
M4 Screw 8mm 20
M2 Hex Nut / 20
M3 Hex Nut / 20
M4 Hex Nut / 20
Total Quantity: 360Pcs

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