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Suleve M3CH8 M3 Carbon Steel Hex Socket Flat Head Button Head Screws Flat Washers Assortment 180pcs

  • $10.77

Suleve™ M3CH8 hex socket flat head and button head screws, with flat washers, totally 180pcs. Carbon steel material, extremely high hardness, exquisite workmanship, diversified and useful assortment.

Brand: Suleve
Model: M3CH8
Screw Drive Type: Hex Socket
Screw Head Type: Flat Head (Countersunk Head), Button Head
Screw Material: Carbon Steel
Washer Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Color: Black, Sliver
Box Size (L*W*D): 13x6.5x2.2cm
- 60pcs M3 hex socket flat head screws, 60pcs M3 hex socket button head screws, 30pcs M3 flat washers, 30pcs M4 flat washers.
- Black appearance, dark color will fit well in different occasions.
- With different screw heads as well as screw lengths, completely diversified assortment, meet your different application, you can choose what you want everytime.
- Made of carbon steel, extremely high hardness, makes them good at resisting abrasion and retaining shape. They can withstand significant force before deforming.
- Comes with a delicate plastic organizer box for storage, also suitable for collecting your small accessories.
Package Included:
Type Screw Head Length Quantity
M3 Screw Flat Head 6mm 15
M3 Screw Flat Head 8mm 15
M3 Screw Flat Head 10mm 15
M3 Screw Flat Head 12mm 15
M3 Screw Button Head 6mm 15
M3 Screw Button Head 8mm 15
M3 Screw Button Head 10mm 15
M3 Screw Button Head 12mm 15
M3 Washer - - 30
M4 Washer - - 30
Total Quantity: 180

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