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Suleve Bathroom Wash Face Basin Water Faucet Tap External Shower Head Set Filter Function Hair Washing Faucet Rinser Extension Kits

  • $25.72

Handheld Sink Sprayer For:
Dog showering, pet bathing
Hair washing
Newborn baby rinsing
Elderly and family caring
Bucket filling
Bidet cleaning
Kitchen sink washing

Product Name
Bathroom Sink Faucet Sprayer Set
Brand Suleve
1/2 Inch Connect
Sprayer Size
About 110mmx60mm
About 400g
Stretchable Hose
  Hose Color
 Shower Head
Containing ionic particles, filtering clean water to remove impurities.

-  Two water outlets:Water from the tap or shower.
-Various uses, suitable for washing toilet, pets and shampoo,etc.
-Sucker wall-mounted, convenient to install, with adapter to connect water tap and sprayer.
-Strechable long flexible white hose allow you to adjust the length.
-With distributor to switch the water outlet.
-Negative ion particles effectively filter stains in water.

1. Functional Sink Hose Sprayer Set - Comes with a set of handheld shower head, faucet diverter valve, hose and shower head holder bracket. This faucet sprayer set is multi-purpose and perfect for hair washing, pet bathing, buckets filling, elderly care, a newborn baby rinsing and other more to work effectively. Connects to existing bathroom or utility sink for easy faucet spray washing. ONLY connects to SINK FAUCETS with Removable Aerators, not fits for Shower Arms and Shower Heads.
2. 3 Way Faucet Diverter Valve - The faucet diverter is made of sturdy solid brass metal material, made in One-piece. Polished chrome, wear-resist, high-quality and built-to-last. Designed with a large water flow channel without flow restriction. A metal handle lever turns smoothly to convert water flow between handheld shower and faucet aerator.
3. No Drill Shower Head Holder - A free shower head holder bracket for holding the handheld shower. All metal brass quality material, heavy duty and wear-resist. Shiny polished chrome finish makes more sparkling to your bathroom. Easy to install in minutes without plumber. No screws, drill-free and no harm to the wall surface. But DO NOT install on the glass, mirror. After installation, dry for 48 hours before using.
4. Long Telescopic Shower Hose - The elastic telescopic shower hose is made of premium PP plastic, non-toxic, high pressure resistance and durable to use.
Install Methods:
1. Remove the original faucet spout.
2. Install the appropriate conversion thread.
3. Then install the diverter valve on the conversion thread.
4. Open the caps on both ends of the telescopic tube in turn, taking care not to lose the gasket.
5. Install one end of the telescopic tube directly on the diverter valve.
6. Then install the other end of the telescopic tube directly on the shower.
7. Then wipe the installed wall with a dry towel.
8. Install the punch-free bracket in a suitable position.
9. Finally, install the shower.
 Package Included:
 1 x Sprayer
 1 x 1.5m hose(Note: The length of the stretched tube is about 0.9m, and the length in the contracted state is about 30cm)
 1 x Bracket
 1 x Distributor For Tap
 2 X Install Kit
 (Not Include Faucet)
 More Details:

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