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Sprinkler Hose Around The Pipe Rack Hose Rack Garden Garden Car Wash Telescopic Latex Hose Storage Set

  • $37.68


1. The integrated storage second water collecting pipe can be used without any assembly, and the water pipe is no longer messy.

2. The solid and secure structure, compact structure and light weight make it ideal for moving in terraces, balconies and small gardens.

3. The new PP material has high strength, high toughness, healthy and environmentally protective with simple design. It is both functional and ornamental.

4. High-pressure explosion-proof water pipe, wear-resistant, high-temperature and high-pressure resistant, and can withstand high pressure.




Water Pressure


Handle Material


Tip Material


Spraying Distance

10 m

Water Pipe Length

5 meters (natural state), 15 meters (after rising water)

Net Weight


Scope Of Application

Garden Watering, Car Washing, Agricultural Watering

Package Included:

1 X

Rack & pipe

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