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Smart Fingerprint Waterproof Luggage Suitcase Backpack Embedded Lock Rechargeable USB Lock

  • $24.87

Smart Fingerprint Waterproof Luggage Suitcase Backpack Embedded Lock Rechargeable USB Lock
Material: ABS
Unlock mode: Fingerprint
Fingerprint Capacity: 20
Battery: 4 x 1.5V Batteries (Excluded)
Life Time: 1 year standby at full power

- This product can record up to 20 fingerprints.
- Cannot copy fingerprints, safer and more stable.
- Touching and unlocking with a fingerprint eliminates the trouble of finding a key.
- Charging with the USB charging port for 30 minutes, you can unlock 3000 times.
1.Fingerprint entry:
Press the set button briefly and the LED blue light will flash at this time. Please press the fingerprint to be recorded for 3 times. Once the fingerprint is successfully collected, the blue light will turn off once and then continue to flash. If the blue light is normally on after 3 times of successful collection, the fingerprint will be recorded successfully.
2. Unlocking operation:
Press with the successfully entered finger, and if the fingerprint is correct and the blue light flashes, you will hear the sound of the motor rotating. Push the push button with your hand within 3 seconds to open the lock. If there is no action after a timeout of 3 seconds, the lock will automatically lock.
3.Delete fingerprint operation:
Press the set button for a long time until a red light flashes and illuminates for a long time, then the fingerprint is deleted successfully.
1. In the process of use, the pink light flashes slowly all the time, indicating a low power alarm, reminding the need to replace the battery.
2. In the process of use, if the battery has no electricity and cannot be unlocked, it can be unlocked through USB port and external power supply (charging treasure, etc.)
3. When the lock does not store fingerprints, any finger can be unlocked.
Package Included:
1 X Luggage Lock
More Details:

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