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Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Lock Keyless Rechargeable USB Biometric Electric Anti-Theft Office Drawer File Cabinet Safety Lock Up To 20 Fingerprints

  • $28.71

Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Drawer Keyless Digital Anti-Theft Safety Lock Rechargeable USB Charging Up To 20 Fingerprints
1. 360° fingerprint recognition, which can identify unlocking from different angles of the finger.
2. Fingerprints cannot be copied, safer and more stable.
3. Fingerprint is the key, convenient and safe, and more efficient.
4. Charge with USB charging port for 30 minutes, unlock 3000 times.
5. It can record up to 20 fingerprints to meet your needs.
Material ABS
Color Black
Unlock mode Fingerprint
Fingerprint read Semiconductor sensor
Read time ≤0.3S
Antistatic 8-15W
Working power Built-in Lithium battery
Operating temperature -20 to 65°C
Application Cabinet, Drawer
Fingerprint Capacity 20
- Durable, glass panel.
- High Performance Chip Only, Low Energy Consumption Design.
- 0.3 second semiconductor fingerprint identification.
- 360-degree fingerprint identification with high safety factor.
1.Fingerprint entry
Press any finger for 5 seconds and wait for the blue light to flash. At this time, release the finger and the blue light will always be on, indicating that the fingerprint can be entered. Press the fingerprint on the surface of the fingerprint recognition head.
2.Unlocking operation
Press with successfully entered fingerprint. A green light flash indicates that the fingerprint identification is correct and the lock has been unlocked.
3.Locking operation
Press for 2 seconds with the successfully entered fingerprint in the unlocked state. When the green light turns to blue, the fingerprint identification is correct and locked.
1. In the process of use, if the battery has no electricity and cannot be unlocked, emergency unlocking can be performed through USB port and external power supply (charging treasure, etc).
2. When the lock does not store fingerprints, any finger can be unlocked.
Package Included:
1 X Cabinet Lock
More Details:

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