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Siphon Hose 22mm x 2m Pool Fuel Car Boat Siphon Hose Jiggler Siphon Water Pipe

  • $25.72

Product Name: Fuel Siphon Hose
Material: PVC
Color: Pink
Length: 2M
Hose Diameter: 25mm
Type: Siphon Hose
Quantity: 1pcs

-A jiggle syphon is the combination of a syphon pipe and a simple priming pump that uses mechanical shaking action to pump enough liquid up the pipe to reach the highest point, and thus start the syphoning action.

-Easy to use to transfer liquids using jiggle action.
-No need to suck tube, continuous movement sucks fluid up to tube.
-No heavy lifting or pouring,No spillage.
-Simple and effective solution.
-Simply jiggle connector in water starts flow.
-Anti static hose.
-No electricity or batteries
-Can be used anywhere.
-Works with shallow containers.

Package Includes:
1x Fuel Siphon Hose

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