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SDB Intelligent Dart Board Special Darts Set Accessories Outdoor Hunting Equipment from xiaomi youpin

  • $24.93

Name Special Darts Set Accessories
Brand SDBfrom xiaomi youpin
Type A-Traditional dart leaf accessories group
B-plastic dart leaf accessories group
C-portable tungsten steel dart group
Plastic dart needle
POM material
25mm length(No screw teeth included)
Tungsten steel dart barrel
75% tungsten steel material
43mm length
maximumdiameter 7.14mm
front diameter 5.8mm
end diameter 6.0mm
screw teeth 2BA
Dual purpose plastic dart bar
nylon material
34mm(Not including screw teeth
and insert slots)
Plastic dart leaves
PE material
Traditional dart leaves
PVC material

Traditional dart leaf accessories group, plastic dart leaf accessories group, portable tungsten steel dart group.
When and where, men and women, old and young, can use it.
Can enhance the body coordination ability, relieve eye fatigue and so on.
Tungsten steel material,feel better, more stable.
Electronic dart board special, POM material,reduce the damage caused by accidental throwing.
The patented dual-use plastic dart bar can be matched with traditional dart leaves.
Plastic dart leaf, simple installation, stable flight, not easy to fall off.
Standard size dart leaf, wide exposed to wind, weighs only 0.5g.
Safe and reliable, convenient storage.
Simple operation, quick removal.

Package Included:
Type A:
36xBlackDart Needle
6xBlackDart Rod
12xTraditional Dart Leaves

Type B:
36xWhite Dart Needle
6xWhite Dart Rod
6xPlasticDart Leaves

Type C:
36xWhite Dart Needle
3xWhite Dart Rod
3xTungsten Steel Dart Barrel
3xPlasticDart Leaves
1xStorage Box
1xRing buckle

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