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S60x6 IBC Faucet Tank Coarse Thread Drain Adapter to 3/4'' Brass Outlet Tap Fixing Connector Replacement Valve Fitting Parts for Home Garden

  • $18.25

This IBC faucet tank adapter to 3/4’’brass outlet fixing tap is designed to fit most standard UK and European IBC containers, where the support thread is a coarse S60 x 6 thread.


Material: Plastic+ Metal
Color: Black + Gold + Silver + Blue
Inlet: S60 x 6 Coarse Thread
Outlet: 3/4’’
Fit For: IBC Tank Use

1. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly, safe, durable and long-termfor using.
2. ThisisanIBCadapterto 3/4’’brass tap outlet fixing connector.
3. Can be connected to a standard garden hose with a hose connector.
4. IBCadapter/connectiondraincoarsethreadfordirectconnectiontoyourIBCwatertankwatertank.
5. ItwillfitmoststandardUKandEuropeanIBCcontainers,wherethesupportthreadisacoarseS60X6thread.
6. It provides full assembly instead of kit form.

Package Included:
1 x IBC Faucet Tank Adapter to 3/4’’Brass Outlet Fixing Tap

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