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Portable Brass Toilet Handheld Bidet Shower Spray Shattaf Kit Cleaning Sprayer w/ Diverter

  • $24.23

Style: Modern
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Applicable Interface: 4 Points (2 cm) Universal
Surface Treatment: Wire Drawing
Scope Of Application: 4 Minute Shower Tube/Textile Tube
Applicable Water Temperature: 60 ℃


1. Handle ergonomic design, heat insulation and not easy to slip.
2. Being finished with a highly polished mirror chrome, creates a silky-feel chrome surface.
3. Stainless steel toilet socket, strong and durable, strong bearing force, fine wire drawing technology.
4. This stylish and modern douche is manufactured from good quality meaning it is sturdy and will last longer.
5. High Pressure and easy to clean toilets, washing machines,balcony,pets, washbasins, floors, mops, wall corner, etc.
6. The well designed water trigger allows you to control the amount of water that will be released from the douche sprayer.

What is the advantage for using the bidet sprayer?
1. Bidet sprayer is beneficial for those who suffer from hemorrhoids or other medical conditions. Toilet paper can be irritating to the sensitive skin in the perineal area, and warmed water provided by some bidets can offer relief. This is also true for older people who have less mobility, or very young children who cannot wipe themselves.
2. This bidet sprayer can offer better personal hygiene and cleaning, better skin care and more comfortable to use and greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment, save money and reduce household waste.
3. Easy convenient to use in our daily life, like personal hygiene and cleaning, take a bath for the pets, washing the diaper.

Package Included:
1 x Set of Bidet Sprayer w/ Accessories

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