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Perpetual Creative Calendar Magnetic Plastic Manual Calendar Arrangement Desktop Week/Day/Month Calendar Decoration Gift for Home Office

  • $27.24

It is a very creatived calendar. Through magnetic attraction,one ball is in a mid-air suspension, pointing to the month, and another ball pointing to the date.
Mark the date, month and week by manually dialing three small magnetic balls.
- Confined by the cotton thread, the magnetic ball is at a fixed point in the air ring, which refers to the month.
- The magnetic ball attached to the transverse bar refers to the date.
- The other small magnetic ball that is attached to the top of the ring refers to the week.
Color: Red&Black, Black&White
Material: ABS Plastic, Magnetic, Cotton thread
Size: Dia.230 * 25mm
Weight: 600g
1. The magnetic balls for the date and the month are so great and unique.
2. It is a beautiful decoration in the home, hotel, office or restaurant for a piece of unique accent
3. The perpetual creative calendar can be used year after year by swapping pieces to show the correct date.
4. Easy to use, simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month.
5. In an increasingly digital world, we need objects that we can touch and feel.
6. This perpetual calendar of creative style is the perfect addition to your table, home, office.
7. No need for any power supply, energy saving and environmental protection.
Use Methods:
* assemble it, insert the corresponding groove into the disc, manually dial the date, month and cycle through 3 small balls. The thorn ball and the ring attract each other. Because the cotton thread is pinned, the ball is in the fixed air ring. A fixed point refers to the month, and a small ball adsorbed on the horizontal bar, the date is specified, and the other is attached to the top of the ring. The specified period is the cycle.
Packaging includes:
1 x Circle frame
1 x Crossbar
3 x Small magnetic ball
1 x Cotton thread

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