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Noise Cancelling Earplugs Shooting Musicians Party Motorcycles Swimming Hearing Protection

  • $19.74

1. Product name: Noise Canceling Ear Plugs
2. Material: silicone+filter
3. Color: Black/Red/Blue/Purple/Orange/Green/Transparent /Transparent + Golden edge
4. Earplug size: 15 x20 x20 mm
5. Waterproof: yes
6. Noise Reduction Rating: 20dB
7. Application: for drummer, DJ, concerts, concerts, bands, bars, a variety of large-scale parties, motor sports, comfort sleeping and anti snoring to use.

- Elongated pull tab for a firmer fit
- A convex point is added to the filter to make the sound softer
- 20DB: This is not a normal anti-noise earplug, but a music earphone that protects the hearing from high-decibel damage for a long time.
- Unique construction design, take into account the resonant frequency of the ear fading sound levels evenly without changing the quality, but more quiet & safe.
- Motor Sports & Track Racing Enthusiasts Universal gadget with the advanced filter technology in the earplug itself, offering defense & clear communication.
- Easy to store and to carry around everywhere.
- Excellent to block unwanted noises while you sleep. The best silicone options that sit comfortably affording to hear the alarm early in the morning.
- Mini plug with strong soundproof earplug kit provides effective shield against loud and high frequency fuss, while still allowing you to hear full spectrum of sound, not muffled. Specially designed soundproof professional set for construction work.
- Hypoallergenic & Waterproof: It is made from safe & odorless silicone skin-friendly material, are suitable for girls & boys.

What is Noise Canceling Ear Plugs?
- This earplug is different from regular silicone earplugs. It is well-known that conventional earplugs are molded out of a simple structure and 100% pure silicone.
- The main role is to prevent noise and water.
- The design concept and focus of the music earbud is not to distort the sound quality of any frequency, but also allows you to listen and enjoy the full range of melody. Therefore, a different acoustic attenuation filter is added on the basis of noise prevention.
- The role is: In addition to effectively reduce the noise and noise in the concert, the sound through the filter, you can retain the music's effective sound.

Reason for use:
In an ordinary concert, the sound level is generally 105-115dB. People's hearing will damage hearing if they continue to exceed 1.5 minutes in this high-decibel case. The role of this silicone earplugs is to effectively filter noises, preserve the clarity of musical sound quality, and reduce noise damage to hearing.

Wearing method:
Pull up the upper part of the ear gently, align the earplug with the ear canal and gently rotate it to a suitable position to ensure that the air in the ear canal does not communicate with the atmosphere. This product can be used repeatedly and cleaned.

Package Included:
1x Pair of Noise Canceling Ear Plugs (With Filters)

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