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Multi-function Water Purifier Filtration Filter Purifier For Shower

  • $18.53

Name: Multi-function Water Purifier And Filtration Purifier For Shower
Material: Electroplating Surface + Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS)
Color: White, Sliver
Water Pressure:0.1-0.4Mpa
Purified Water flow:8L/min
Purified Water Temperature:5℃-60℃
Total Purified Water Capacity:50000L
Working Principle: Activated Carbon
Filter Element: Composite Filter
Filtration Accuracy: 1-5 Micron
Applicable: Shower, Washstand
Water Quality Function: Washing And Bathing
Size: approx. 160X60X50mm
Net Weight:approx. 233g
Matching filter:
1.Ceramic filter and Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane filter.
2.Natural mineral oil removing filter.
- Purification first intercepts the filter
- Multi-layer filtration to purify water
- Protect skin and moisturize hair
- Can wash your face and remove makeup brushing
- Laundry is clean and does not fade
- Easy to install and easy to complete
- Tap water with a filter removes a lot of impurities such as rust, red worms, sediment and colloids in the water.
- Suitable for home use, for the elderly, p regnant women, children, work fatigue, bring a healthy bathing enjoyment.
Package Included:
1 x Filtration Purifier
1 x Manual

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