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Magnetic Door Stop Door Catch Metal Door Holder Doorstop Catch Tools with Hardware Screws

  • $9.86

Material:Zinc Alloy
Color: Bronze
The Crack of door Size: suitable for 5mm-15mm( shown as the picture)


a.The metal "finger" in the floor plate is not just a decorative cover that provides access to the mounting screws; the fact that it's hinged is an integral part of how it latches the door open. The magnet that mounts to the door is actually at a slight angle. As the magnet moves over the floor plate, the hinged finger jumps up and the magnet grabs it firmly. The slight angle increases the amount of force needed to slide the magnet off the finger.
b.If you have a gate on a ramp and needed a way to prop the gate open for carrying groceries, etc.into the house. You can mount the flat metal piece on the wall, and the magnetic par on the gate, and this works perfectly! This Magnetic Door Stop also allows the gate to open flat against the wall, thereby giving you use of most of the full width of the ramp.
c.Simply and Very Effective door holder magnet. This is an incredibly effective door holder for "gravity assisted" door. It works simply with the magnet on the door-mounted piece that always grabs the flap on the floor piece.
d.Sturdy, Easy Installation - Magnetic door stopper is combination of being stainless, durable and easy and flexible to install. This comes with screws that are right for most applications.But it is also easy to substitute longer screws by yourself if you think you need it.
e.Brushed stainless steel finish, build to resist daily scratches and corrosion. Magnet on door stop holds door open. Disengages by gently pulling door away from the door stop.

There is a noticible noise when the finger jumps up and engages against the magnet. It's not terribly loud or annoying, but it is something to keep in mind.
Package Included
1Pcs Magnetic Door Stop (Included enough Screws)
1Pcs R
ubber Bumper

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