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Linptech 110-240V Wireless Doorbell Self-Generating APP Smart Door Bell Transmitter No Battery No Power Required Memory Function

  • $33.20


This Linptech wireless self-generating doorbell includes doorbell transmitter and receiver, with normal version and WiFi version, are a good helper in our daily life.


Brand Linptech
Color White
Type Normal Version, WiFi Version
Product Name Doorbell Transmitter Doorbell Receiver
Specification Size: 67*67*19mm(Diameter x Diameter x Height)
Weight: 43g
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Distance: about 50M outdoor
Transmission Frequency: 10dBm
Operating force: about 700g
Size: 68*68*31mm(Diameter x Diameter x Height)
Weight: 74g
Host Power Supply: 110-240VAC
Host Plug: US Plug

1.Exquisite appearance.
Made of Polycarbonate, durable and non-toxic material.
2. No battery required.
The doorbell rings as soon as you press it lightly since it generates electricity with motor instead of batteries.
3. Easy to install and convenient to use.
The transmitter and receiver are self-matched as soon as you unpack it. There are no wires and batteries required for transmitter.
4. Adjustable music and volume.
Five levels volume and 36 pieces of songs, the receiver can choose the music at will.
5. Different doors with different music.
Different doors, different bells. You can distinguish the front door from the back door since the receiver has 36 pieces of songs to choose from, and each piece of song can correspond to a single transmitter.
6.Free combination.
Transmitters and receivers support flexible matching.
7.Power off memory with intelligent chip.
It can keep the music set before with intelligent memory storage.
8. Interconnecting with other Mijia Devices.
WiFi version doorbell can interconnect with other intelligent Mijia devices, controlled by Mijia APP or Xiao Ai.


Install on the clean and flat wall:
1. Tear off the double-sided tape on the back of the door bell transmitter.
2. Stick it on the wall after tearing off the double-sided tape.

Install on the dirty and rough wall:
1. Fix the back plate on the wall with a screw.
2. Tear off the double-sided tape on the back of the door bell transmitter.
3. Stick it on the wall after tearing off the double-sided tape.

1. What’s the difference between transmitterand receiver?
The wireless doorbell normally includes transmitter and receiver.
The transmitter is also called the outdoor unit, the button to press and transmit to the receiver.
The receiver is also known as the indoor unit, which is placed in the house and rings by receiving signals of outdoor unit.

2. Where and how is the transmitter installed?
The transmitter can be installed on the wall beside the door or the glass doors instead of the metal doors (Anti-theft doors, iron doors and etc.) since the metal doors may interrupt the signal.
We offer 3M double-sided tape and screws for you to choose from. You can refer to the above instructions and select the proper way.

3.What are the differences between the normal version and the WiFi version?
The normal version is also called the No-WiFi version. It has the general function of the basic wireless doorbell, however, it can’t access to the Mijia APP.
The WiFi version requires you to connect it with Mijia APP so that it can achieve Mijia intelligent device linkage.
Taking one Mijia electric cooker for example, when you have set all up with the WiFi versiion doorbell, if the rice has been ready, the doorbell would ring to remind you.

Package Included:

1 x Doorbell Transmitter
1 x Doorbell Receiver
1 x Backplane
1 x Instructions
1 x Indicator
2 x Expansion Screws

More Details:

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