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LED Magic Faucet Mug Color Nightlight Water Floating Fountain Faucet Tap Light

  • $28.71

Name: LED Magic Faucet Mug
Model: 937480
Type: #1: Kettle / #2: Faucet
Total height: 48cm
Cup diameter: 10cm
Seat to cup height: 26 cm
Material: Plastic
Light color: colorful
Features & Instruction
-Do not know, the world is wonderful! The novelty baby is always so eye-catching! A faucet that looks like it has a metal coat, even though it is volleyed, it looks like it is not hanging or supporting at all, nor is it connected to a water pipe! This type of faucet is also able to continuously discharge water. The base has two built-in light bulbs, and the faucet is even more mysterious in the light.
-You can place a counter on your store to let customers see the effect of intangible, eye-catching, which is a good marketing tool. If you put a dark bar in the light of the ballroom that is set to make customers crazy. You can also raise several beloved little goldfish in the cup, which is more pleasing to the eye.
Use AC220-240V power supply inline switch.
After receiving the product, the transparent water pipe is tapped on the faucet and the other end is inserted into the received product. After the transparent water pipe is tapped and then the faucet is tapped, the other end is inserted into the hole of the insertion cup and the assembly is completed.
Pour a proper amount of water into the cup and connect it to the power supply to see the empty faucet fill the air.
Package Included
1 x LED Magic Faucet Mug

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