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Kitchen LED Light Water Nozzle Faucet Filter Spray Head Extender

  • $17.57

Material: ABS
Color: Silver
With Extension Tube: 165 x 50mm
Without Extension Tube: 77 x 52mm
Led Light Color:
Blue Light Style: Blue
Colorful Style: 7 Colors Changing Randomly
Type A: Short Blue Light Type
Type B: Short Colorful Light Type
Type C: Short Three Colors Light Type
Type D: Long Blue Light Type
Type E: Long Colorful Light Type
Type F: Long Three Colors Light Type

Temperature control style: 3 colors, temperature sensor inside, green light when the water temperature is less than 30 ℃, blue light when the water temperature is 30-43 ℃, red light when the water temperature is 44-50℃.


1. 360 degree rotation of water, can be positioned to multi-angle cleaning.
2. The contact area of the shower water is large, the filter of the outlet filter filters the impurities in the water, the water is fine and evenly distributed, and the water can no longer splash and save water.
3. Transfer interface design, can be used with a variety of faucets.
4.With LED lights, a variety of lighting styles: blue light style, colorful style, temperature control style

Package Included:
1 x Faucet Nozzle

More Details:

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