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IPRee Disposable Sheets Quilt Cover Pillow Protection Non-woven Travel Camping

  • $8.75

Brand IPRee®
Material Non-woven
Type A: Quilt cover
C:Pillow cover
Size Quilt cover:
XL220 x 240cm / 86.61x 94.49inch
L: 190 x 220cm / 74.80x 86.61inch
M: 160 x 220cm / 62.99x 86.61inch
XL: 220 x 220cm / 86.61x 86.61inch
L: 160 x 220cm / 62.99x 86.61inch
M: 110 x 220cm / 43.31x 86.61inch
Pillow cover:
52 x 85cm / 20.47x 33.64inch
Weight 20g

Skin-friendly soft non-woven material.
Foldable storage.
Lightweight and portable.
Clean and hygienic.

Package Includes:
A: 1 xQuilt cover
B:1 x Sheets
C: 1 xPillow cover

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