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Headrest/Waist Pillow Seat Back Support Cushion Memory Foam Breathable Office Home Car

  • $30.21

Product Name: Car Headrest / Waist Pillow
External Material: Polyester
Internal Filling Material: Space Memory Cotton
Style: Headrest / Waist Pillow
Color: Black / Beige / Gray / Blue
(Please letusknowthestyle & coloryou’dlike,YoucanleavethemessageonyourPaypalnote totellus.)

Headrest Size: 25x19x10cm(LxWxH)
Waist Pillow Size: 43x35x12cm(LxWxH)
Function: Head Care & Waist Rest
Placement On Vehicle: Front/Left/Right
Quantity: 1pcs

Suitable for cars, office chairs or other places that require back and head support.

-Adopts advanced headrest cloth, which is waterproof, oil-proof, anti-pollution, anti-mite, antibacterial, easy to clean, good toughness, wear-resistant, breathable, and can be used for four seasons. The cotton core uses a slow rebound memory foam.
-The space memory cotton material is used internally, which can rebound slowly within 3-5 seconds, evenly absorbing the impact force.
-The ergonomic curved shape is very suitable for your neck and waist, relieves cervical and lumbar fatigue, effectively helps and reduces cervical spine pressure during driving, and can provide you with a relaxed and comfortable environment even if you drive for a long time.
-Slow down the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle's inertial force, especially when an accident occurs behind the vehicle, the direct impact on the spine injury should be slowly reduced.
-Zipper opening and closing makes the lid easy to clean.

Package Includes:
1 x Headrest / Waist Pillow

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