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Grey Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone 5.8 High Heat Conductivity For Computer CPU Heatsink

  • $9.28

Type: HY-A8
Color: Grey
Thermal Conductivity: >5.8 W / m-K
Thermal Impedance: <0.002 ℃ -in2 / W
Specific Gravity: >2.2g/cm3
Viscosity: 1000
Concentration: 370±10 1/10mm
Operating Temperature Range: -30 ~ 280 ℃
Primary Use: Thermal coupling of electrical/electronic devices to heat sinks.
1. Syringe design, for easy operation.
2. Non-toxic,non-corrosive and ordorless.
3. Helps disperse the heat from CPU to heatsink effectively.
4. Super electric insulation; High conductivity; low bleed; Stable at high temperatures.
Package Included:
1 x CPU Thremal Paste

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