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Fruit Battery Kit Light Diode Orange Potato Lemon Generator Science Project Student Experiment

  • $9.28

Looking for a fun, easy science experiment for kids? This fruit battery project is a science fair classic, and a great addition to a classroom lesson plan. Let's make it step by step:
1. Firstly , take 4 Lemons(other fruits like apple, orange, potato also OK).
2. Push 2 metal plates (one copper, one zinc) into each of them, connect copper plate of a lemon to zinc plate of another lemon with wires.
3. Then, connect wire from copper plate of first lemon to long terminal(+) of LED (light emitting diode).
4. Also connect wire from zinc plate of last lemon to short terminal(-) of LED.
You will find that the LED grows!
Package Included:
4 x Copper Plates
4 x Zinc Plates
2 x Light Emitting Diodes
5 x Wires
2 x Clips
More Details:

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