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Fish Pond Liner Impermeable Waterproof Garden HDPE Membrane Landscape Reinforced Cover

  • $28.31

Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
Color: Black
2 Size: (L)x(W)
#1: 2.5m x 2.5m / 8.20 ft x 8.20 ft (appr.)
#2: 3m x 2.5m / 9.84 ft x 8.20 ft (appr.)
● Liner comes in a black finish.
● Rot-proof and UV resistant coating.
● Though ultra-strong the liners are easy to cut down once you have got them into position.
● Extremely tough and durable yet lighter to handle and move into position when pond building.
● Attenuation Tanks
● Pond, Stream, Lagoon or Canal Lining
● Landfill Lining & Containment
● Industrial Location Lining
● Protection Layer
● Damp Proof Barrier
● Water Containment
Handy Pond Sizing Guide:
● Always remember to include enough material for overlap when you purchase your liner.
● We recommend that at least part of the pond is 1m deep so fish have somewhere to go and keep warm over winter.
● Plus larger, deeper ponds are much easier to maintain than shallow ponds which can quickly become algae infested.
We recommend 1m excess each way (ie, this works out at 0.5m for each 'side').
▼ A simple rule of thumb is as follows:
Liner Length Required: max excavation length + twice maximum depth + 1m for overlap
Liner Width Required: max excavation width + twice maximum depth + 1m for overlap
Package Included:
1 x Pond Liner

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