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Faucet Water Filter Kitchen Sink Bathroom Mount Filtration Tap Purifier Element

  • $18.53

Product Name: Faucet Water Purifier (360 degree Rotary, Shower Type Water Outlet)
Product Material: Food-grade ABS + Galvanizing Process
Product size: 108m*130m
Applicable temperature: 5℃-35 ℃
Net water flow: >=90L/h (0.25Mpa, 25℃)
Applicable water pressure: 0.15-0.3Mpa
Suitable place: kitchen/bathroom/office
Core Material: Ceramic Core
Life of filter element: 3-6 months (depending on local water quality)
Suitable water source: Tap water
- A must item for home & office uses.
- Galvanized pattern process. Beautiful appearance and practical function.
- Great item for reducing residual chlorine in water as well as removing impurities inside the water.
- Makes water pure and tasty & bland, avoiding splashing.
- Treatment by internal organizational level to achieve the rapid purification of layered filtering effect.
- Reduce and control the faucet water flow, to prevent splashes and save water.
- Filter design, improves practical & economical. Improves the look and feel of skin and hair, helps preserve hair color treatments.
- Tap water with a filter removes a lot of impurities such as rust, red worms, sediment and colloids in the water. Eliminates unpleasant odors from water and enhances effect of health and beauty products
- Suitable for home use, for the elderly, pregnants women, children, work fatigue, bring a healthy bathing enjoyment. Ideal for people with sensitive skin and lung.
Package Included:
1 x Faucet Water Purifier with Filter Element
3 x Extra Connector
Note: Each of our faucet water purifiers is equipped with internal teeth,external teeth, universal joints, etc, suitable for 99% of the markefaucets (internal teeth faucets, external teeth faucets, toothless oldfaucets, etc. )can be safely purchased and installed.

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