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EU Standard 3/4 Brass Garden Irrigation 2 Way Y Shape Adapter Splitter Hose Faucet Manifold Pipe Tap Connector"

  • $18.25


Built to Last
If quality is at the top of your priority list when shopping for a hose y-connector, then you’ll love this brass tap splitter!
Just like the old school hose splitters that never seemed to wear out, we’ve made ours using high-grade brass to ensure durability like nothing else on the market.

Watering Your Garden
Get TWICE the watering done- in the same amount of time! Now you can have one sprinkler sprinkling the grass while using your hose to water the plants- or you can have two sprinklers going at the same time. Say goodbye to dry grass and wilting flowers this spring and summer!

1. UPDATED AND IMPROVED: This splitter has been updated and redesigned. The top connection is now stronger than ever, built to last and never break. The handles are also much easier to grip and turn!
2. NO MORE HASSLE: Instantly create two tap outlets with this ultra-durable hose splitter 2 way connector and eliminate the stress of constantly switching out hoses. The adjustable flow control makes it easy to use this faucet splitter as a garden hose pressure regulator by simply adjusting the brass levers, giving you the perfect flow for watering plants, washing your car, or cleaning the siding.
3. HEAVY DUTY BRASS: The all-brass construction of the Y connector hose attachment ensures superior durability to withstand high pressure and all weather conditions without breaking, rusting, or failing.
4. KEEPS LEAKS AT BAY: Fitted with high quality ball valves for water tight shutoff and featuring great threading for a solid connection, this garden hose splitter effectively prevents any leaks or drips.
5. SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Our brass hose splitter is designed to easily accommodate all standard hoses, with the main connector creating a tight seal on water outlets with either metal or plastic threading.

- Material:Brass
- Splits one water feed into two feeds.
- Double On/Off valves.
- Fit for Standard 3/4' diameter connection.
Package Included:
1 x Tap Connector
More Detials:

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