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Electronic Intelligent Password Keypad Number Cabinet Door Digital Code Lock

  • $28.71

Item Descriptions:
- Keep your valuables carefully locked away with the our digital lock
- Securely accommodates a wide range of items, including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, and more.
- Whether leaving for a long vacation or simply heading to work for the day, experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your prized and important possessions are protected.
- Used to household cabinet,wooden cabinet,locker,metal cabinet,high practicability!!!

Material: ABS Eco-friendly Plastic Panel+Zinc Alloy
Color: Silver
Digital Lock Size: 85x56x14mm
Bottom Hole of Door Plate: Φ3.5mm

Operate Instructions:

1. Turn on lock:
There are 2 group password for you to use the cabinet lock at the first time. User code"1111" and Master lock "0000 0000", both the user code and the master code are at latest 4-10 digits.
1. Input teh right password you set (If you haven't changed,Please use the default password,)then press"#"button to turn on lock.
2. If the password is correct,the green LED on;Or,the Yellow LED flick.
3. Please pull the door during the green led on.
Remark: "#" button for confirmation; "*" button for elimination.

2. Turn off lock:
Private type: Push the cabinet door to the close situation, then can turn off lock.
Public type: When cabinet lock at the state of opening (Latch/bolt at the state of retract), push cabinet door to the state of closing. Input the password which you set, and press "←"button to confirm. Then can turn off lock (Input the password you set, it can turn on lock again).

3. Change password:
Default password is set up for by the manufacturer, it is only used for the first time. Please change password in time for safety and make sure to rememeber your new password.

4. Change User code:
Private type change use code
Step1. Press the key of "#" or "←" twice
Step2. Input the old user password
Step3. Press the key of "#" or "←" One time
Step4. Input the new user password you want
Step5. Press the key of "#" or "←" One time too
Then the green light will flash one time for Two secends, At the same time, The lock-body will sound "Di----Di---!".
Now,the user password has been changed successful.

5. For emergency:
1. When you forget user code,please input master code or use jump code(frame hopping soft ware) to turn on lock;After turned on,user code will recover to default code"1111";
2. When battery power is low,please connect provide external power supply to supply power to turn on lock;
3. If there are electronic or inner structure failure,please select to use mechanical key or destory panel to turn on lock.

Above and more Instructions about: 6. Public type change the user code; 7.Change Master code; 8.protect password; 9. Alarm for low power, please refer to the paper manual in product.

Package Inlcuded:
1 x Digital Lock
1 x Emergency power supply
1 x Lock catch
1 x English User Manual

1 Set of Fixing Screws

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