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Electric Automatic 2200mAh Portable Fishing Water Pump with Night lighting Fishing Supplies

  • $36.19

Product Name: Electric Automatic Portable Fishing Water Pump
Product type: Other Fishing Tools
Product model: QSQ1
Colour: Blue, Green, Yellow ,White
Output voltage: 5V
Charging current: 1.5A
Product size: 12X7X3.5cm
Shell Material: Engineering ABS
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
1.Intelligent full induction operation is simple to liberate hands, intelligent infrared automatic induction, touch into intelligent mode and wave to control the work of water intake, easy to operate.
2.Charging once fully can be used 24 hours,built-in 2200mAh high-capacity polymer battery charged once, can use 24 hours standby, safe and environmental protection (different functions in use, different power consumption).
3.Ultra-bright camping lights, long-lasting lighting, fantasy night fishing. High-power LED lighting, night fishing bait more convenient.
4.Dynamic oxygen outlet, instantaneous "detonation oxygen" can increase oxygen rapidly to meet the demand of oxygen supply for catches.
Package included:
1 X Water Pump
1 X Ground bracket(Type A without Ground bracket, Type B with Ground bracket)
1 X Stainless steel outlet pipe
1 X 180cm air pipe
1 X Water intake filter
1 X Oxygenated transfer joint
1 X Bubble stone
1 X USB charging cable

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