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Drinking Water Tap Filter Kit Ultrafiltration System Home Kitchen Water Purifier

  • $36.19

Drinking Water Tap Filter Kit Ultrafiltration System Home Kitchen Water Purifier

Size: 255 × 135 × 310mm
color: White
Material: Food Grade ABS
Applicable water pressure: 0.1-0.3MPa
Applicable temperature: 5-45℃
Applicable water source: municipal tap water
Water flow: 3L / min
Filtration Accuracy: 0.01 microns

1.PP cotton filter
Pretreatment of incoming raws water, effective filtration of sediments, suspended solids, colloids, impurities, etc. in water, large filtration area and dirt absorption, good filtration effect and long service life
2.Compressed carbon filter
Deeply adsorbed in water, odor, residual chlorine, organic substances and other harmful substances, long-term compressed activated carbon and a high dirt-absorbing mesh structure, the filter service life has double filtration performance
3.Ultrafiltration membrane filter
The hollow fiber membrane ultra-filter core has ultrafiltration micropores of less than 0.0 micrometers, which effectively hold suspended solids greater than 0.01 microns in water, colloids, particles and other impurities, and is the core of ultrafiltration.
4.After loading silver activated carbon
Further deep smell, residual chlorine, effectively prevents secondary pollution of purified water, makes drinking water more hygienic and safe
5.Easy to install
6.High filtration accuracy and health

Package Included:
Type A
1 x Water Purifier
1 x Stainless steel faucet
1 x Rawbelt
1 x PE tube
1 x Filter bottle wrench
1 x Installation tool kit
1 x Manual

Type B
5 x Filter element

More Details:

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