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Diiib Floor Drain Deodorant Insect Proof 304 Stainless Steel Swirling Drainage Kitchen Bathroom Anti-blocking Filter Drain From

  • $27.22

* Using a wide-mouth annular groove, a spiral flow-guiding filter, a large displacement core, triple boost, accelerating the flow of water, and the ground is dry fast. Multi-directional detachable, easy to clean and effective against clogging. The floor drain core double silica gel is tightly attached after drainage, effectively preventing the spread of mites and odors, no overflow.


Brand Diiib
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Size #1 (100x100x62mm) Round Type
#2 (100x100x62mm) Square Type
#3(100x100x110mm) Washing Machine Type
#4 3Pcs(#1+#2+#3)


1. The annular drain groove has a groove diameter of 7.5 mm and increases the bearing capacity. The surface cover is micro-arc drainage, the edge is smooth and curved, and the water flow is poured down along the lead angle. The drainage is fast and neat, and the ground is far away from soaking for a long time to avoid bacterial breeding troubles.
2. Increase the drain diameter of the drain core, the drainage capacity is up to 550ml / s, using the principle of gravity-lever, when draining, according to the amount of water automatically adjust the opening angle, the maximum can be close to 90 °, the effect is stronger and faster.
3. The hair and the filter are “tangled”, blocking the drainage, and cleaning is laborious?
(3)The anti-blocking filter screen has a spiral on the surface and a spiral wing on the back to form an integrated spiral flow guiding structure, which makes the water flow ve-locity swirl, and easily concentrates hair and impurities. The middle flat handle can be lifted with two fingers for quick cleaning and anti-blocking.
4. The floor drain core is sealed with double silicone ring. The first layer is sealed by gra vity flap. It is tightly attached after draining, which effectively prevents odor from entering. It can be drilled seamlessly and the sewage in the sewer is difficult to overflow. The second layer, the spun seal is removed, easy to disassemble and easy to clean, tightly slipped, and the ground is clean for a long time.
5. The support foot cover is exquisite and simple, without the need of tools, it can be easily picked up with one hand, the support feet are stable and round, avoid hair entanglement and other debris.
6. Made of 304 stainless steel, high hardness, high corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to rust in humid environment. The surface is brushed, matte texture, abrasion resistant and scratching, not easy to leave water stains, and can stand the test of time.
8. #3 - Double function washing machine floor drain
- The washing machine has a large displacement, and the drainage speed can't keep up. Diiib washing machine floor drain, large aperture straight row, improve drainage efficiency, bid farewell to overflow. Edge annular water-conducting hole, the ground area water can also be drained at the same time, making the laundry more calm.
9. #1/#2 - Round, square style. Kitchen, bathroom wet and dry area, balcony, washing machine, multi-scene use.
- Note: This floor drain is not suitable for use in sinks, washbasins, and laundry pools.

Package Included:
1 x Diib Floor Drain
3 xDiib Floor Drain

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