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Crow Hunting Decoy Scare Bird Away Scarecrow Realistic Animal Scarer Decorations

  • $19.32

This crow hunting decoy is designed to scare off birds, rabbits, & rodents without harming them.

Model: D26358
Product Name: Crow Hunting Decoy
Primary Color: Black
Material: PE
Dimension: Approx 40cmx11cm(LXW)
Qty: 1pc

1. Extremely realistic, highly detailed owl hunting decoy / garden decoration.
2. Beautifully painted and has realistic features such as bright bulbous eyes and black beak.
3. Protects your garden and crops from pests, animals and rodents.
4. Keeping this decoy perched in your garden will scare off birds, rabbits, & rodents without harming them.
5. This amazingly life-like owl is designed to last for years, also be used in permanent applications.
6. Works as a great looking garden, home, patio, balcony ornament as well.

Package Included:
1 x Crow Hunting Decoy

More Details:

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