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Ceiling Anchor Swing Wall Mount Straps Ring Bracket for Suspension Trainer

  • $31.82

Ceiling Anchor Swing Wall Mount Straps Ring Bracket for Suspension Trainer

Material:Stainless Steel
Size:As picture shown

1.Madeofstainless steel material, rugged and durable.
2.Attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, or overhead beams.
3.This is upgrade X-mount for suspension trainer, yoga band also other fitness rope.
4.Create an anchoring point for your training routines, helping you achieve greater range of motion and flexibility.
5.Can be used with resistance bands and suspension trainers.
6.Supports all Suspension Trainer models, professional installation recommended.
7.Metal strips offering twice the support of a single strip.

X-Mount Installation:
1.Install X-Mount between 7 to 9ft. High to a wall stud or ceiling joist.
2.Place X-Mount with both holes along center of stud with logo facing up.
3.Drill pilot holes into center of stud where X-Mount holes line up using 15/64 or 1/4 inch drill bit.
4.Place washer on lag bolt, insert through top hole of X-Mount. Screw into top pilot hole using ratchet or drill.
5.Line up bottom hole of X-Mount with lower pilot hole. Placing washer on lag bolt, screw lower bolt into place and tighten down.
6.Tighten top bolt.


Item Quantity
X-Mount 1
Expansion Screws 2
Wood Stud Lag Bolts 2
Washers 2
Installation Instructions 1

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