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Canister Filter Impeller Rotor Replacement Aquarium Filter Impeller HW 302/303/304/402/404/704

  • $9.28

Material: Stainless Steel + Magnet + PVC
Color: Yellow
Size: 9cm*4cm/3.54''*1.57''(appr.)
Usage Temperature: 0-35℃ / 32-95℉
Number Model
#1 HW303A/B
#2 HW402A/B
#3 HW304A/B
#4 HW704A/B
#5 HW302
a Canister filter spare rotor fittings.
b Solve the problem of unstable water flow.
c Largely reduce the noise caused by the wear of the rotor for a long time.
d Fits Model: HW302 HW303A HW303B HW304A HW304B HW402A HW402B HW404A HW404B HW704A HW704B.
1. Remove the filtering barrel cover.
2. Capping out according to the direction of the arrow on the rotating lid.
3. Take out the magnetic rotor and replace it.
Warm Tips:
* Cut off the power when replacing the rotor.
* Make sure the usage temperature of the rotor is kept at 0-35℃.
* This rotor is not suitable for use in strong acid and alkaline medium.
* Regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the rotor.
* The rotor can not be used in the environment with a large amount of iron filings, sand, solid particles.
* Because of the strong magnetism of the rotor, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the rotor when it is disassembled, so that gloves can be worn to avoid hurting the finger.
Package included:
1 Pcs Canister Filter Rotor

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