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Black Walnut Mosquito Coil Incense Holder Burner Box Hollow Ash Catcher Tray Wooden Art Crafts With 6 Sandalwoods

  • $28.83

- Chinese style, a perfect article gift for friends,if you like chinese incense,this is absolutely a good choice for you!
- The culture of fragrance originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It is a unique culture of the Chinese nation in the long-term historical process, which forms a unique culture that reflects the Chinese spiritual temperament, national tradition and aesthetic concept. It is also a props for soothing stress and calming in modern life.
Material: Wood
Weight: 70g
Size(Diameter*Height): 85*30mm
Applicable Place: home, church, hospital corridors, hotels, toilet, cafes, tea houses, temple, etc.
- Noble incense box design,nature feeling,creating a natural aesthetic feeling.
- Exquisite workmanship,can be a classical furnishings.
- As a refined interest,or for your special hospitality.
- Small size,easy to carry.
- The fresh air refreshing, calm mood, alleviate the anxiety, relieve fatigue, Ann power of sleep.
- The need to use with sandalwood.
- Easily cleaned.
1. The mosquito coil holder has a lid while is making it safely to burn.
2. Hollowing lid,that could disperse the smell of mosquito coils well to drive away annoying mosquitoes.
3. Natural Sandalwood Incense Coils - Fragrance 4 Hours with a Mini Incense Holder Burner.
4. Indoor--Purify air; Yoga--come down; Sample tea--Adjust the a tmosphere.
5. The elegant shape design make it as a unique decorations for home,office,store,school,and more place.
6. Incense is not noly air refreshing,but also good for physical and mental care,Add-Sleep,yoga,afternoon tea.
7. Exclusive type incense box, flame retardant pad interior provide a safety burning.
8. Black walnut wooden material,exquisite workmanship, classic elegant.
Package Included:
1 x Coil Incense Holder
1 x Flame Retardant Pad
6 x Sandalwoods

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