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BIKIGHT Remote Control Bike Taillight LED Directional Light Emergency Camping Lamp For Night Cycling Baby Carriage Jogging

  • $24.23


Bike Tail Light Kit
Power Method
Use 2 x AAA batteries(Not included)
Light mode

-Red light always on

-Single red flash

-Left turn single flash

-Right turn single flash

-Left turn single flash red light always on

-Turn right single flash red light always on

-Turn left red light flashes together

-Turn right red light flashes together

-Double jump (full flash)


1. Wide visual range.

2. A wireless remote control operation, easy to install, two sizes of rubber rings, suitable for handlebars of all sizes.

3. The middle button on the remote control can control the red LED warning light of the tail light, and the left and right buttons respectively control the yellow LED direction indicator on the tail light

4. Daily surface waterproof effect reaches IPX2, guarantee daily use.

5. High quality LED, guarantee the warning effect.

6. Dual-purpose design of taillight and turn signal, easy to use.

7. Powered by 3x AAA battery. (Not included)

Package Included:

1 x Bike Tail Light

1 x Light installation belt

1 x Remote control

1 x Remote control installation holder

2 x Remote control installation belt

1 x Mini Screwdriver


1. Do not disassemble and refit without permission.

2. This product only protects again rain. Please don't immerse it in water. It should be dried in time after rain, it is better to store in a dry place.

3. After use, please turn off the tail switch button, to avoid battery leakage of electricity.

4. The battery voltage is lower than 2.3V and no working standby current.

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