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Bathroom Booster SPA Anion Water-saving Handheld Rain Shower Head Nozzle

  • $10.77

Material:ABS plastic
Calcium sulfite energy ball
Anion activation ceramic ball
Filter antibacterial activated ceramic ball
Type Length of handle Diameter of handle Diameter of sprinkler Overall length
#1(small) 130mm 13mm 60mm 206mm
#2(large) 140mm 13mm 80mm 250mm
a.Effectively remove the residual chlorine in the water, reduce water ORP value, antioxidant, make skin tender and elastic; make hair soft and beautiful, restore the natural luster
b. Launch anion, well absorbing of the body can regulate nerve center, improve lung ventilation function, promote metabolism, reduce fatigue
c.Antibacterial, deodorant.

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