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BAIHERE 20g Quick Drying Instant Adhesive Strong Bonding Glue for Silicone Rubber Plastic PVC

  • $7.78

Color: Transparent
Fixture Time: 6~10s
Full Curing Time: 24h
Temperature Resistance: -40~80℃
Net Content: 20g
- Quick drying, strong adhesive.
- Perfect for bonding silicone rubber, rubber, plastic, PVC, PU,
- Widely used for plastic toy, DIY crafts, electronic component, silicone rubber.

1. Keep away from children.
2. Should be used with good ventilation.
3. Cover the cap after use, store in a cool and dry place.
4. contacting with eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.
Package Included:
20g Instant Adhesive for Silicone Rubber

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