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Baby Bathtub Inflatable Bathing Tub Collapsible Air Swimming Pool Portable Thick Shower Basin With Inflator Pump

  • $16.75

1. Bubble bottom design, which is more comfortable and safer.
2. Each layer of independent safety air plugs can be inflated separately according to the needs, with several layers to inflate several layers, which is more convenient and practical.
3. All air plugs are equipped with anti-leakage safety plugs, even if the air plug is opened, there will be no air leakage.







Type 1:1.2M(2 layers)

Outside Size: 117*84*34cm (46'x33'x13.3')

Inside Size: 78*45*30cm (30.7'x17.7'x11.8')

Type 2:1.3M(3 layers)

Outside Size: 125*88*50cm (49.2'x34.6'x19.6')

Inside Size: 80*46*45cm (31.4'x18.1'x17.7')

Type 3:1.5M(3 layers)

Outside Size: 140*100*50cm (55.1'x39.3'x19.6')

Inside Size: 104*61*46cm (40.9'x24'x18.1')

Type 4:1.8M(3 layers)

Outside Size: 180*135*53cm (70.8'x53.1'x20.8')

Inside Size: 132*84*49cm (51.9'x33'x19.2')

Type 5

Foot pump

1. Please do not inflate immediately after receiving the item, wait for the material to be slightly Microsoftized before inflating, to prevent the material from hardening due to low temperature and man-made damage under the action of external force.
2.It should be noted that it can reach 8 points for the first inflation, and then it can be used later to prolong the service life of the product. The normal situation is generally to recharge the gas once every 3-5 days.
3. After the product is inflated for the first time, please do not use it immediately. The new product needs a buffering process at the beginning, about 2 hours, and then use it after the product is fully filled and shaped, it will not matter in the future.
4.The ground is flat when used, without sharp objects. Wipe with a cotton rag and soapy water during cleaning. Do not use a hair dryer or other chemical liquids.
5. Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting. The pictures are only for reference, please make the object as the standard. Thank you for your understanding!

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