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Automatic Home Garden Plant Watering Device Drip Irrigation Tools

  • $9.28

Product Parameter:
Material:Plastic + Ceramics
Color: Blue

Package Included:
1×Plant Watering Device

-Easy, convenient to use and clean.
-Self watering item is a simple and effective way of watering your plants while you are on vacation.
-You can clearly see the amount of water in the water, filling the water directly into the soil, can provide the water plants need every day, help you take good care of the flowers and plants at home.
-Flowers, gifts for family and friends, and creative birds are favored by many gardening enthusiasts.
-The mixture of fertilizers and water (note: complete dissolution of the fertilizer) can be sent to the beak, inserted into the potted plant medium, and the ceramic tail can be used to provide water and fertilizer to the plants so that the plants can thrive.
-Since red pottery is artificially fired, the duration of drip will vary, and the mode of drip time will be explored. Water can be added at the right time.

How to Use
Filling the ceramic cone with water, putting the cap on and push the cone into the soil.
The water will be slowly emitted through the ceramic cones, automatically watering your plants without the need to set timers while you are away.

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